A kitten at play.

Action Photos

Sometimes it’s fun to see behind the scenes, an outtake or a blooper can be a great laugh. But it’s also a great way to learn about our process of web design.. so let’s take a moment and do just a little bit of that. Today I want to talk for a moment about photos.

We’ve all seen shots like this:

A kitten sleeping.

Sure she’s a cute little kitten.. and it’s adorable to see her sleeping – but, as much as I love the cat, she looks like every other cat who’s asleep. There’s no action, there’s no story, there’s no point for me to keep reading. If you consider this as a sales web site – am I excited as a buyer to purchase this product? I think we could all admit – no, not really.

“A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.” – Ivan Turgenev

“One Look is Worth A Thousand Words.” – Fred R. Barnard

Let’s take those famous quotes and think on how we can turn an image into something more. We want the picture of the product (or event, or brand) to sell something, create excitment, generate desire, build that need to consume.. or in e-commerce geek-speek “turn that click-bye into a customer-buy.” We all want a cat who’s playful so let’s wake her up and blow some bubbles around.

A kitten at play.See that? There’s interest, there’s action and a story all in one shot. She’s half-ready to pounce the bubbles in mid-air, can you see her twitching those whiskers and flipping her tail in the excitement of play?

Capturing action in the photograph helps to draw the reader in and makes that customer want to buy your product. Next time you take a photo, be creative and try it yourself. We’d love to see some of your great examples.

~Geof “bubbles bubbles bubbles” Franklin

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