Fake Tweets!?

ARRRRGH!! (Yes, that was the sound I made when I read this.. )

Today there are reports from several news wires that someone hacked into a twitter feed of a major news corporation and sent several false tweets about potential terror attacks. (here’s one link : AP.org: Hackers send fake terror alerts from NBC’s Twitter ) Now I admit that I’m thrilled that someone was actually watching their own Twitter feed – but I’m sadly disappointed that their password policy was weak enough to allow a hack.

We’ve said it before, use a pass phrase, use Uppercase and Lowercase and numbers and symbols, and don’t use the same passwords on multiple accounts. And let’s also add in to the mix.. change your password often.

Let their blunder be your reminder – protect those account credentials or you might be the next one apologizing to the world on the prime time news.

~Geof “ARRRGgggghhhhhhh…..” Franklin

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