Explosive warning sign.

More than Two-Thirds of Small Businesses are unprepared.

Gallup conducted a survey of small companies and asked about their Disaster Plans. Only 31% of small business owners reported that their business was prepared for a natural disaster.Explosive warning sign.What??

Let’s put that into perspective.. At your next business networking event, look to the business owner on your left and on your right. If you’re not prepared, one of them is. So what does that mean? FEMA reports that 25% of small businesses survive a disaster. That’s one in four. One local chamber of commerce has 550 members. That means one local disaster wipes out 413 businesses.

How do we increase our odds of being those lucky 137? That goes back to our disaster plans. Protect your investment, your dreams, your employees and build a good disaster plan and you just might be one of those lucky 137.


~Geof “I have a plan” Franklin

Researching ways to improve scientist’s access to data. Programming software to solve humanity’s problems. Disseminating emergency preparedness knowledge. Sharing knowledge about science. Practicing amateur radio. Serving humanity through volunteer efforts. Drives a robot to work.


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