Two users calling a helpdesk.

I can’t share my file?

One of the most common calls I get goes like this..Two users calling a helpdesk.User : “Our computers were working last week, now they won’t share files, Help!”

me : “What has changed on your network in the past week?”

User : “Nothing.”

me : “Nothing?”

User : “Oh yeah, we all changed our passwords Monday.”

me : “Oh. That’ll do it, I’ll be right over.”

The most common cause of these issues is confusion about the difference between Home networks and Business networks.

Most Business networks operate using a Domain Controller that authenticates users and computers into (and across) the network. This means your user accounts are entered once on the server and all the computers on the network know about this new user.

Home networks handle this authentication at each computer. So each and every user and password needs to be entered the same on each computer. If a user changes a password on one computer, the same user must change their password on all computers.

So how do you fix this? Simple, if you’re a business – get a business server to handle your user authentication. If you’re a home user – remember to change your password on all of your devices at the same time.

~Geof “Where’s my network share?” Franklin

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