A man hitting his head on a brick wall.

We’re not prepared against cyber threats

A man hitting his head on a brick wall.

FEMA released a report on the cybersecurity preparedness of government states and territories. Bad news – we failed. Only 42% of the respondents reported that they were ready for cybersecurity threats. So even with a 650% increase in cyber incidents reported of the last five years we as a nation still don’t take our cyber security seriously.

If the states can’t keep them self safe, what chance do the rest of us have?

So how do you improve your own cyber security? A gathering of federal Chief Information Officers suggested that the biggest threats to cybersecurity are the lack of ownership of security within the organization, and the lack of network and security audits, and lastly the lack of building cybersecurity responsibility into the organization’s new programs and systems.

~Geof “Who’s in charge?” Franklin

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