A metal spiral on a white cord.

Camping gear from the forge.

Some odd camping gear from the forge.


A L shaped tool, on end has a handle the other a small disk.

This is a odd little tool. It’s called a pipe lighter, you stick the little knot/disk end into a fire so it get’s warm and then transfer that heat into the bowl of your pipe. It’s typically called a colonial american iten, but I’ve never found real proof of that. I’ve not used it for lighting a pipe, but I have light tiki torches, lanterns and candles with it.

A two tined fork, with a twisted wire body.

This is a fork. The loop is so you can tie it onto a belt, the business ends are fairly sharp. I coated this in canola oil so it’s food safe. You see similar forks in civil war reenactments, but I’ve seen it carried in nearly every popular reenactment period.

A metal spiral on a white cord.

This little medallion is my reproduction of an iron age medallion we saw at a museum from a dig site. It’s a fairly simple design and you see the spiral shape used in several cultures, most of the times I’ve worn this with celtic garb.

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