Geof points towards Venus while Copper looks in that general direction.

Early spring at the telescope

Sunset filters through the trees.Finally! It’s warm enough outside in the evening to stand around and stare at the stars.

Geof aligning a telescope with a compass.We set up out in the backyard for a clear shot at Venus just as the sun went down. The portable telescope does a great job tracking the motion of the planets, once you program and point it correctly.

Geof points towards Venus while Copper looks in that general direction.I don’t think Copper really figured out what we were doing. But he obliged me with a photograph that made it look like he understood the point.

Venus is bright in the telescope eyepiece.I couldn’t get the camera mounted on the new lens but I did get a shot of Venus by holding the camera up to the telescope’s eyepiece. I have to build a better camera mount for next time.


~Geof “stars in my eyes” Franklin

Researching ways to improve scientist’s access to data. Programming software to solve humanity’s problems. Disseminating emergency preparedness knowledge. Sharing knowledge about science. Practicing amateur radio. Serving humanity through volunteer efforts. Drives a robot to work.


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