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Communication Overload

You’ve been told that you must open a web site, write in a blog, join twitter and facebook to help grow your business. So after countless hours of navigating sign-up forms and reading the fine print of the Service Agreements you finally have a social media presence. Flash forward a few weeks and you’re either overwhelmed – e-mails flood in, tweets keep chirping on your phone, facebook updates and requests have taken over your desktop and now you can not find the time to actually run your business – or you’re underwhelmed, you tweet, blog and send updates and there’s zero engagement. Sound familiar?

A calendar.I’ve worked with a number of friends who have found themselves on both ends of this spectrum. The solution we have found for both the overwhelmed and the underwhelmed social media neophyte is actually fairly simple. Schedule your social media engagements. Enforcing a set time to write in your blog or send that tweet will help you build your content and prevent your daily duties from being interrupted continuously by the siren song of social media.

For the Overwhelmed – Limit the times during the day when you check messages on your accounts, or research the next blog post, or answer emails. This will help you connect better with your friends and followers by allowing you to use this dedicated time to better answer their questions or provide more diverse content. When your time is up, it’s up. Go back to running your business and ignore that inbox until the next social media time slot.

For the Underwhelmed – Set up a time each day where you will focus on developing more engaging content. Quality is key, the more you provide for your friends and followers the more they will want to engage with you and spread your wisdom to their friends. Further, setting a social media schedule (and sticking to it) helps keep you on track with your accounts and the generation of content.

Social Media is a complex environment and it can be a great addition to your traditional marketing campaigns if you leverage it carefully.

~Geof “tweet tweet” Franklin

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