A double hook, left and right are curved hooks, the centre is square to rest on top of the ridgepole.

Hooks to hang things up

Some of the hooks I’ve made in the forge.

A retired Master Blacksmith showed this handy hook to me. This nifty device hugs your tent pole (or other 1-3 inch pole) and provides space for anything you need to hang up. We’ve used it to hang lanterns, cloaks, coils of rope, even a bow and arrow once.A hook, one end is has a small pigtail the other is a partial square shape.

That’s awesome, but our bender tent  doesn’t have side walls that would support that hook, so I made a single hanging hook for the ridgepole. Worked perfectly holding our lantern.

A hook, one end is curved with a pigtail and the other is shaped like a C to fit over the ridgepole.The ridgepole hook hanging over a ridgepole.

So that worked for the lantern, but we both wear cloaks – so we needed something more. This hook hangs over the ridgepole and provides two hooks for anything we need to hang up.

A double hook, left and right are curved hooks, the centre is square to rest on top of the ridgepole.

So around the forge I also need to hang stuff up. Here is a rat-tail hook, it works like a nail, just hammer it into a wooden joist and we can hang everything from small tools to jackets to leather aprons.

A nail like hook, one end curved with a rat-tail, the other pointed like a nail.

Sometimes you need to something heavy. I make these T drive hooks to fill that need. You simply hammer the top nail section into a post until the lower portion is flush with the post. I’ve made these to hold up everything from huge curtains to saddles and harnesses. This is also the project I usually use when teaching new blacksmiths.

A hook shaped like the letter J.Last but not least, an S-hook. I once made a pair of these while in the middle of a demo for a neighboring vendor who left the hooks for her sign at home. S-hook, and drive hook at the same time while talking about blacksmithing to a crowd of about eighty onlookers.

A hook shaped like the letter S.

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