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Disaster Plans Lacking in Nursing Homes??

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The AP had an sobering report the other day about the general lack of preparedness in Nursing Homes. The plans are required by government regulation but apparently the facilities are unsure how to implement or write these plans.

I remember watching the reports from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, seeing the nursing home residents thrown onto sub-standard buses, killed and injured, and the mass confusion from the support personnel who could not figure out where required medication was and how to organize their charges. It was a horrible mess and I had hoped that the industry had taken notice and improved. Apparently I, and everyone else, was wrong.

One point that pained my heart was that at one of the Nursing Homes their Disaster Plan was located in several boxes and another home had their plan on a legal pad. You can’t have a successful disaster response if you don’t train, and you can train on your response if it’s stuck in boxes!

Make a kit! Make a plan! and PRACTICE YOUR PLAN!


~Geof “What me worry?” Franklin

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